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What is the reason that the saws are always beaten?
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1, too fast wire speed will generate too much heat, which is too fast for the sawtooth wear and the phenomenon of tooth beating. Taking 75-35m/min is more suitable.

2, too fast feed speed will result in the phenomenon of tooth breaking and the phenomenon of sawing; 70-40m2/min is more suitable.

3. If the sawtooth is too large or too small, the phenomenon of tooth beating may occur.

4, in addition, the feed is too fierce, the workpiece loosening and the tension are too small.

If the hard points inside the material are caused, the sawing belt with smaller tooth spacing, such as 5/8 and 6, should be selected.

Also, the mouth of the sawtooth wear, to repair the mouth of the knife in time, to check it often, whether it needs to grind, to keep the sharp edge of the knife, it will be much better. In fact, it is not appropriate to drop teeth, it will also easily break the saw teeth.

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