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Kunshan Yonghong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vertical band sawing machines, high-speed vertical sawing machines and horizontal metal band sawing machines. The production of (yongchao) brand band sawing machines has been around for many years, and the product specifications range from small to large. The product quality is at the world's leading level. The company adopts advanced production technology and management experience, and has won the trust of most enterprises and many well-known manufacturers within the global top 500.

The company's products are divided into two major categories: 1. Vertical band sawing machine: T series, H series, G series 2. Horizontal band sawing machine: BS series, S series; in order to facilitate customer needs, also provide excellent customer Imported carbon steel and bi-metal (high-speed steel) band saw blades can effectively reduce the cutting cost of customers and improve cutting efficiency.

The company's main business is: vertical band sawing machine (universal band sawing machine), high-speed vertical sawing machine, laboratory small sawing machine, horizontal (metal) band sawing machine, laboratory sample dissection machine.. laboratory bench small sawing machine. portable small sawing machine Strong metal cutting machine, aluminum alloy pouring riser cutting saw, aluminum alloy die-casting edge sawing machine, AMADA, NACHI, NCC, FUNASAW, Eberle band saw. Saw band. Double metal band saw blade, band saw. Sand, diamond band saw blade and knife belt series, all kinds of automatic sawing equipment; if you are inquiries or request detailed data, please feel free to call, come and contact the business department of the company, the company will try its best to help answer, thank you !

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