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How to use the belt sawing correctly?
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1. According to the size, shape and hardness of the saw material, choose the suitable band saw blade and use it at the recommended speed of the machine tool.

2, the new saw blade must be running in when it is used for the first time. Saw speed decreased by 50% and feed pressure decreased by 50%. After sawing for 20 minutes, the speed and pressure gradually increased to the technical parameters recommended by the manual.

3, do not use new saw blades in old saws, which may damage the sawtooth or cause breakage. Do not start the saw blade at the tip of the edge.

4, maintain proper tension when used, in order to cut straight and prolong the service life. Please reduce the tension of the saw blade when you don't use it. Do not use a saw blade under too high or too low tension. Excessive tension may damage the saw bar or machine. Too low tension can produce sawing unevenness or even accidents.

5, workpiece clamping must be firm. During the cutting process, the workpiece must not move, rotate or vibrate, so as not to damage the saw teeth.

6. Adjust direction so that the saw blade can move freely and straightly; the guide and the sawtooth must not contact each other; the guiding arm is as close as possible to the workpiece to give maximum support to the saw blade.

7. The twisted cutting is not required.

8, put the saw blade on the steering wheel to make the saw blade close to the flange, do not attach the saw teeth to the flange, so as to avoid damaging the saw teeth.

9, when cutting, check the sawdust, thin, powder sawdust means that the feed pressure is too small, easy to cause premature wear of the sawtooth; coarse, there is a burning sawdust, indicating that the feed pressure is too large, the cutting amount is too large, and the broken teeth break band and saw deviation. Do not increase sawing speed without checking the thickness and color of sawdust.

10, use cutting fluid, choose concentration according to sawing material, so as to extend the service life.

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