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The daily maintenance of the CNC belt sawing machine
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In order to keep the sawing machine in good condition, we need to maintain the sawing machine regularly.

Daily maintenance

Before proceeding with the machine, one of the following procedures is checked:

Check hydraulic oil gauge, do hydraulic oil exceed L red line? When the hydraulic oil is lower than the L red line, it is necessary to add a proper amount of No. 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil to the red line.

Check whether the coolant water meter exceeds the red line. When the cold water is lower than the L red line, proper cold water should be added.

Check whether the saw belt is located between the left and right sawing wheels and between the front and rear tungsten steel guides.

Check whether the wire brush is at the root of the sawtooth

Mechanical oil on the movable clamp guide of bed table

Floating clamp guide and mechanical oil for the feeding bed

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