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The analysis of the cause of the tooth avalanche in the sawing belt with the sawing machine?
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There are many faults in the operation of metal band saw belt, and the tooth avalanche is the most common fault. There are many reasons for the cause of the tooth avalanche, including the cause of the sawing machine, the reason for the improper operation of the teeth, and so on.

First, the tooth avalanche is caused by the sawing machine. The motor belt is damaged in a long run and may be lost in the operation of the double metal band saw. Then the operation of the saw bar and the sawing machine will be intermittently stopped and easy to slide.

Second, the oil cylinder on the sawing machine enters the air, the oil cylinder is damaged or the control valve is out of control, and so on, and so on, which will cause the lower speed of the saw frame to fall, thus causing the tooth to collapse.

Third, the sawing machine is affected by the vibration of the surrounding equipment, and the screws of the fixed saw machine are loosened, which will affect the jitter of the saw frame, so that the blade can easily produce a tooth avalanche during the cutting process.

Fourth, it is easy to cause the failure of the teeth when the blade spacing is not properly chosen when selecting. If the user, whether the cutting material is solid or hollow, and the cutting material is suitable for what kind of pitch, it is free to cut, then the tooth avalanche is sure.

Finally, the reasons for the failure of metal band saw blade caused by improper operation. The operator is incorrectly fed at the beginning, causing the saw blade to be unsteadily in operation, and the speed of the drop is fast, which causes the tooth tip of the saw strip to bear too much pressure, and it is easy to produce a tooth avalanche.

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